My thoughts..

I dont know if its really a good idea to mix up technical and personal thoughts together in one blog..Well dats me..a mix of both . Not too techy at all .  (Sigh )..or may be i like to look upon myself as a gal with so many thoughts and expressions.

I do use lot of gestures and expressions while i talk..mmmm Yaa i get too excoited also about silly things. But i do believe my life is incomplete without all that silly stupid crazy stuff..

And..ya da mst important aspect about me . I keep changing my likes interests and choices . May be i lack consistency . But dear frnd ,Wat life is it without any variety fun and entertainment. Yes i love to entertain people not to pressurise them .So its like.. i do find cool people very interesting..Well coz i am not all that cooool as u think i am( No offence if u didnt think  like dat ..:) )


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