Chicken ala carta


I almost broke  into tears seeing the heart melting visuals infront of my eyes in the short film  based on a theme FOOD,TASTE AND HUNGER and i directed by Ferdinand Demidure.Children so happily eating the chicken wastes of the glorified KFCs McDonalds and Pubs where the rich and the trendy hang out .Is this burning reality an eyeopener??..While 25000 people die of hunger everyday in this world.The luxurious wasteful  minority still make never ending  complaints regarding the tastes and food quality.On one hand the malnutrition prone children who hardly get the three meals of the day eating the left overs with satisfactied faces,and on the other side the obese ones prone to diabetis ,pressure, cholestrol and what more!!

                  While the  Trendy metro ladies take advice from dietitions and beauty experts  to equip themselves with a figure to conquer the ramps.Guys with the yearn to build strong steel muscles like RAMBO.On one part of the world the members of the same species strive to quench thirst and hunger with whatever they get even though its from the waste basket.Arent they both children of same ancestral line.?Still why is there so much imbalance.

This is a similar video which is showing obese women versus hungry satrving  children.

Our children are dying while we are heavily dining.Lets wake up!!

Thousands of children are buried in refugee camps every month due to starvation,diseases etc.


               So next time when you waste the food due to silly reasons like high calorie,less salt,more spicy and so on..Do remember the laughter and satisfied faces of the downtrodden eating our  leftovers!!

So lets take an oath not to waste any resorces that our mother nature provides  whether it be food ,water or soil.Else we will have to answer before them as to why we made them eat our ruggs!!!


One Response to “Chicken ala carta”

  1. Jayakrishnan Nair S June 10, 2009 at 7:01 am #

    chiken fry aano atho curryoo?????he he…ha ha…

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