A Brand new India…



                                         These are the words of the most eminent scientist,the visionary ,the most patriotic Indian alive Dr A P J Abdul Kalam. Dr Kalam’s vision is to make India a developed country in another 15-20 years.In the present days of global recession the visionary’s thoughts are very relevant.

What makes a nation a developed one?

“The nation where every citizen can sleep with no fear of intruders attacking them,where none hungry or thirsty die on the streets,where every one has access to inforamtion and technology with the entire world looking upon the nation with reverence”

The first step to do would be to identify our potentials .India is the land with the most powerful human resource well equipped and productive if given proper resource and training.Thats why we have our famous scientist working in the research instituitions world wide.We are blessed with natural resources and scenic beauty.We have sources of rare minerals and forest resources. 

                               To make our nation developed by the next 11 years the first and formost thing to do is to urge the people to vote sincerely to form a stable government.A stable government is the basic necessity for development.

Presented in this fashion, development appears as a natural, fairly straightforward process. If so, why are we lagging behind? The reason can be simply explained by relating the potential for development with actual achievement by the equation:

Actual Development = Potential for development x capability/Leakages + Bottlenecks.

We do have the potential to become a developed nation.

  • Technical and managerial improvements to education and health will improve the general capability of the society  .These two sectors are to be given major importance.         
  • A substantial part of our agricultural products are lost due to wastage. Technological improvements to food storage and preservation will, therefore, improve the rural economy.So rural india would be provided with all technologiacl benefits.
  • Female litearcy and social security should be considered seriously and implemented effectively
  • Youth should be given ample oppurtunities to utilize their potentials.For that self employment schemes for youth will do more benefit for national development than building IT parks for doing the outsourced job of the developed nations
  •  Priority for our national security and defence too shouldnt go below in the list.So these also should be implemented with cooperation of scientists and technologies by funding more research programmes.
  • University education as well as school education should be made effective by changing many os the persisiting blemishes.
  • Finally the process of nation building will have to be made more social by improving the participation of citizens and understanding what they want by motre interactive government set up.                   

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